Commander’s Mate Farseek Mercenary Series Book 1

Here is my latest work. Commander’s Mate is a science fiction alien romance set in the present:

While they were fighting the Consortium’s war against the Sargus Empire far from their home world, the Sargus Empire attacked Farseek, leaving mass destruction in its wake. Only about a dozen survivors remained to tell what happened—a dozen of over a million. Those who weren’t killed were taken to become slaves of the Empire. As the story opens, Commander General Zared Maktu has found the piles of wreckage that is all that’s left of his family’s neighborhood.

Nothing the Consortium has to offer can compensate what was lost. Time for the company of Farseek Dreadnought One to make a new plan. They must find those who were taken alive and bring them home. After terminating their contract with the Consortium, they take a job to rescue a governor’s daughter stolen to be sold into slavery.

Commander Maktu doesn’t just rescue the Governor’s daughter and her companion. He and his company take all the 100 abductees from the auction house. Only two are from Farseek, but there are four unusual females from a planet called Earth—and one of them is his fated mate Harper Avery. Things heat up from there.


A Narovian Series Supplement



Renan Garr, a wealthy Narovian trader paid the match making service to find his genetic mate on Earth. Alien pirates illegally obtained a list of some of these Earther matches and kidnapped them, holding them for ransom to there Narovian mates. After Alliance Law Enforcement rescued them, the Earther matches had the choice whether to meet their genetic mates. Kelly Richards met Renan on a com connection but wasn’t sure she wanted to be mated to a man who wanted her to live on Narova. When she didn’t respond after a few weeks, Renan takes matters into his own hands.

My Previous Alien Romances


..The United Alliance of Worlds has been protecting and visiting Earth for centuries. Star ship Raptor One carries a crew of humans and feline humanoids. The Narovian felines can and have interbred with humans during all that time. Many felines have found their true mates among the Earthers. Immediately on recognition, the felines give off pheromones that cause their true mates to desire them sexually so intensely that they must mate almost immediately.

Once Narovians started finding their meomee or true mates there a savvy businessman found away to profit from it. The Narovian Genetic Matchmaking Agency has set up shop on Earth, under the guise of genetic testing for ancestral origins and genetic markers for disease. This brings a new set of challenges to the crew of Raptor One under feline Captain Dargan Merrek as they protect Earth from alien hostiles amid sexy encounters with true mates.

One reviewer pointed out that Alien Alliances is a series of short stories, not a novel, but it’s actually both. All the stories are inter related with the common thread being Captain Merrek and his meomee Meg Casey.


..Kidnapped by aliens who sell her into sex slavery to a hideously ugly alien of another species, Jenna Harper is sure her life is over. Enter freighter Captain Farzeke Be’Kal maneuvered by Alliance to rescue Jenna and five other women stolen from Earth. After the Alliance agent he transports to Se’Nar buys all the women from the auction, Captain Be’Kal and Jenna Harper are chagrined to learn they are biological fated mates for life.

Neither one feels ready to make that life time commitment, but it’s already too late.

Once Jenna is exposed to his pheomones she must have sex with the feline humanoid or risk death in a matter of days. Is she now doomed to sexual slavery of another kind?

He comes to Alexa in her dreams, a lover whose face she never sees, in a place she has never been. Chaytok a feline alien is forced to land his star ship in the secluded forest near Alexa’s home. He comes to her rescue after her horse shies and throws her. Thus their bond is forged but their new love is threatened by a man from her past… and her reluctance to leave Earth forever to be with him.

The odds seem astronomical that Chaytok would be forced to land where he would find his true mate. When Chaytok goes the repair the failing part in his star drive that forced him to land there, he begins to suspect sabotage and who is behind it.

Clarissa Lake, Science Fiction Alien Romance Author

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