Sahvin’s Mate – Farseek Mercenary Series Book 3 by Clarissa Lake




Savin Kazza, a Narovian feline humanoid was an alien undercover on Earth when he was kidnapped by alien slavers thinking he was human. He was sold into slavery and sent to the mines on Breskaa where he thought his life would end.

Enter the Farseek Mercenaries, who are traveling through the Sargus Empire, searching for their stolen people who were kidnapped from Farseek and sold into slavery throughout the Empire. The mercenaries hate slavers and slavery, so while they are freeing their enslaved people, they free all the slaves on Breskaa. Sahvin readily agrees to go with them.

Nora Reed has also been kidnapped from Earth by Alien Slavers and now she is working for the mercenaries recording the refugees as they come aboard Dreadnaught One. Known for the irresistible pheromones felines give off when they find their soulmates, Nora is stunned when Sahvin’s innocent touch sets off an uncontrollable urge to mate with him.

From there things heat up.

Contains explicit sex scenes.


An explosion shook the whole building, and I awoke to chaos. The barracks guards came running from their rooms at the four corners of the mens barracks, pulling on clothes and with weapons drawn. Someone turned on the overhead lights as we started rousing from our bunks. We didn’t have to dress. Slaves only got one set of clothes and one pair of shoes.

Not knowing what might happen, next, I pulled on my boots. Suddenly, both the front and back doors of the barracks crashed open and four armored beings stormed in and took out the guards. I thought we were next, but one of the beings receded his helmet and spoke in a calm even voice. Except I didn’t understand a word he said. By then my friend Bill was up. I waited until he stopped talking, then asked “Bill, who is that and what did he say?”

“They are Farseek Mercenaries, looking for people from their world. There are quite a few of them here, but they also said they will take all of us slaves with them.”

“As slaves?” I wondered.

“No, as free people. They can’t promise they will get us back to our homeworlds, but we will be free to make new lives for ourselves.”

“Thank the Gods,” I said gripping his arms as he grasped mine. “We’re going to be all right.”

“I sure hope they have some decent food,” Bill said. “Look at me, I’m wasting away to nothing.”

I just grinned at him. He was a big guy and more than a little overweight when we arrived on this gods forsaken planet called Breskaa. His excess body fat probably helped sustain him through our ordeal. He was now at an ideal weight for his body type.

I had lost weight, but my species has a slower metabolism and our bodies are better as regulating our weight than homo sapiens.

“He said pack up our stuff as quickly as possible then he will lead us to the shuttles that will take us up to their ship.”

“That won’t take long. We are wearing practically all we own,” I said. “All I have to do is put on my jacket.”

We had to wait about an hour while the Farseekans secured the area around the barracks, then we were loaded into a troop shuttle to go up to their starship orbiting the planet. I didn’t know where they were taking us, but anywhere was better than here. But I am getting ahead of the sequence of events that brought us here.

I am Sahvin Kazza, a feline humanoid from Narova. I was stationed on Earth as an operative for the United Alliance of Planets Law Enforcement. I was off our base there on reconnaissance at a tavern where we suspected Tenzari agents were kidnapping Earthers to sell into slavery. I was disguised as a homo sapien, wearing contact lenses to cover my feline eyes and my blue hair had been dyed a dark brown.

Walking back to the lot where my assigned vehicle was parked a dark SUV with tinted windows pulled up beside me and asked where the visitor lot was for a business I did not know. When I stepped a little closer to tell them to ask at a nearby restaurant, they shot me with a stunner and the next thing I remembered was waking up on a starship strapped to a bunk. Wearing only a thin pair of shorts and a shirt.

I knew immediately I was on a slave ship; I had been stolen from Earth to become a slave. But by whom? This wasn’t a Tenzari vessel. The language printed on the signs that I could see, was a language I didn’t recognize. I am a trained agent with seven years’ experience, but I was off duty. The car driver looked like an ordinary human. I had no reason to suspect any harm from him. I only turned my attention away for a second to point out the local café when I was zapped. I was armed with my own similar weapon at the time.

Now I had nothing but the clothes on my body and a horrible headache. There were many bunks like mine in the room with other males strapped to them. Some were homo sapiens and others were of humanoid species I did not recognize.


Nora Reed

I am Nora Reed from Earth. I was abducted from there by alien slavers which is still hard to believe even as I write it. A nurse by profession, I lived on the edge of our small southern Ohio town where the rural delivery mail route begins. I stopped my car at the end of the drive and got out to pull any mail out of my box and a dark SUV pulled up beside me. The middle aged man rolled down his window and zapped me with some kind of stun gun.

The next thing I knew I was waking up in a large room filled with bunk beds three high strapped to one. My own clothes were gone and I was wearing a dress made diaphanous material under which I was naked. I felt like I had a bad hangover, and there was a spot behind my ear that was sore. Shortly after I woke, a being that looked like a catfish with arms and legs came in and told us we no longer on Earth and were slaves of the Sargus Empire.

Now I’m not usually a crier, but I just burst into tears like many of the other women. How could this happen? I always thought those alien abduction stories were a load of crap. But there I was.

After fish guy left the room, the straps holding me fastened to the bunk were released automatically. I saw up and looked around me. All of us looked relatively humanoid, but we were clearly not the same species. I saw three other humans nearby who looked like they were from Earth. The rest even those that looked human had peculiar colored skin and wildly bright colored hair. Teal seemed to be a recurring color, neon yellow, purple, orange and blue. Skin colors varied and some of the females had ridged foreheads and some were light purple and bald.

There was one pretty little alien that was telling us all, “Don’t worry. My father is governor of Halor and he will send someone to rescue us. This lot has taken the wrong female.”

I hoped that was true. But even if it were, would they take us back to Earth?

I climbed down from my bunk and padded over to two of the women who looked like they were from Earth. They looked as disoriented and disheveled as I felt. I introduced myself and they told me their names, too. There was Scarlet Andrews, a tall blond with short cropped hair, Harper Avery, almost as tall with longer blondish hair, then Zoe Addison about my height with medium length black hair.

We decided we were either on some scifi movie set or these were for real aliens. They looked pretty real to me. Even with the evidence right in front of us, we found it hard to believe it was really happening. We each had a story remarkably similar. We’d all been grabbed off the street going about or daily routine. They took me with my car still running in the driveway. I wondered how long before it quit or someone noticed I was gone.

I don’t know how long before we got to the planet where we would be sold. It was at least a few weeks and that was an ordeal in itself. We were stuck in one large room with bunk the only furniture. Twice a day a autocart brought food in the form of hard biscuits. Scarlet said they tasted like the dog biscuits you buy in the bulk food department. They were dry and bland but we ate them because that’s all they gave us with bottles of water to wash them down.

It was probably just as well. We only had four toilets between at least one hundred of us. There was little for us to do to pass the time but tell stories. By the time we shuttled down to that world where we were going to be auctioned off, the four of us from Earth had shared our life stories. Sometimes we speculated about what was going to happen to us.

It didn’t make sense they would kidnap us to be working slaves when they had the technology to go between star systems. Of the four of us, my profession was probably the most technical, but surely their practice of medicine was far in advance of ours. Kyanna Evzen of Halor told us that the Sargans used slaves for all types of manual labor as well as entertainment and breeding more slaves.

It sure didn’t sound good. The journey seemed endless, but we had developed a daily routine and a social structure. I was amazed to find that most of the females of the other humanoid species were reared in families not unlike ours.

Sure, they had different social customs and some had different marital practices. Some were matrilineal and some were patrilineal. Sexual practices varied where courting was initiated by the female instead of the male. One species practiced group marriage with multiple males and females.

We knew the game was over when we landed. They made us all get naked and put us through a mass washing system sorta like a car wash then gave us back the filmy sack dresses to wear then took us to this building and lined us up.

Shortly after that, all hell broke loose. We could hear weapons fire and there was a small explosion. A few minutes later this big robot came strolling into the corridor where we were waiting for the auction to start. He stopped in front of Harper and then his helmet folded into itself and revealed a big gorgeous man under there.

He seemed kind of stunned as he looked at Harper, then seemed to mentally shake himself before he called for Kyanna Evzen. She was telling the truth. Her father had sent Commander Zared Maktu and his mercenaries to rescue her and her friend, but he said that we could come too if we wanted to be free. Damn right we did!

It was cold walking outside with no shoes and no coat or even real clothes. But no one was complaining as the hot commander led us to a shuttle. There was only seating for about twenty-five and there were a hundred of us. Most of us ended up sitting on the floor in the cargo hold, but we were damn glad to get away from the slavers.

Accommodations on their warship, I heard later it was called a dreadnaught, were not as good as the slaver’s bunk room, but we didn’t care. We were so relieved not to be sold into slavery. Soon after we arrived, a young mercenary came for Harper. Zoe, Scarlet, and I gave each other knowing looks and giggled because we knew the moment that hot commander set eyes on her that he wanted her. She looked as stunned as he was.

When she came back just after it fell like the ship took some kind of hit, she was blushing and she looked like she had been thoroughly kissed.

“He said I am his soul mate, and he wants to court me,” she told us. “Just like that.”

“What did you say to that?” Scarlet asked.

“He didn’t give me time to say much of anything before he was kissing me,” she said, blushing.

“And of course, you beat him off,” Scarlet teased. “Does he kiss as good as he looks?”

“Way better,” Harper laughed self consciously. “The thing was, he was dead serious. He wants me to be his mate.” She shook her head.


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