Narzek Gets A New Cover

Narzek is a passionate sexy romance set in space opera where a small fleet of Farseek Warriors enter enemy space to retrieve people abducted from their world after a sneak attack. Love doesn’t always come when it’s convenient, but it’s worth fighting for when it feels this right.

On her way to a desert war zone Cayla Fox was abducted from Earth by alien slavers.

Sold into slavery she worked long hours for a hard bed and barely enough food. After a year, she has lost hope of ever regaining her freedom or going home.

Until the alien warrior comes to rescue her and the others abducted from various worlds. A shock of attraction flashes between them that draws her to him.

The gorgeous alien calls her solmatuandsends her to his warship instead of the passenger ship with the rest of the rescued slaves. Though Cayla would be safer, she is his soul mate. Neither can deny the attraction between them. As the heat of passion rises between them, so does the danger level of their mission.

Narzek feels guilty for exposing his soul mate to the dangers he faces.

Yet from the first kiss, he can’t find the will to let her go. From the day she was abducted Cayla longed to go home, but how can she leave the man she is growing to love?

Will they even survive long enough for their dream of a future together to come true?

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