Lietenant’s Mate: Farseek Mercenaries Series Book 2


   Lieutenant’s Mate is the second entry in the steamy Farseek Mercenaries series which follow the romances of four Earth women abducted from Earth by alien slavers. The women just happened to be in a group with the daughter of a Consortium planet Governor who hires the mercenaries to retrieve her. The mercenaries rescue not only her, but all the females of various species in the group.

Lieutenant Commander Pyrron Advantu, right hand man and friend to Commander General Maktu of the Farseek Brigade is a man used to getting what he wants as are the men and women of the Farseek Brigade. Until their world was left in ruin they were the Transtellar Consortium’s most elite and formidable warriors. Each of their ten dreadnaught starships carried a dual force of star warriors and ground fighters.
Outraged that the Consortium knew of the attack on Farseek and kept that knowledge from the Brigade fighting for them on a distant front, the Farseek warriors withdrew from the Consortium to become the Farseek Mercenaries. The high paying rescue of a world governor’s daughter and her companion was their first mission. A mission they took to finance the search for their stolen people. Only they didn’t just rescue the two people. They rescued 100 women stolen from their worlds including four from Earth.
The last thing Commander Maktu expected was to find his solmatu or soulmate among them—nor did Pyrr Avantu. Although the timing was all wrong, nothing had ever felt so right. What kind of life could they make together in the face of the mission they had sworn to complete? Would he live to return to Farseek to make a home with the woman who claimed his heart and soul? Or were these blissful times in her arms all they would ever have?

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This book contains Sexually Explicit Scenes

Clarissa Lake