Coraz Released

Sentenced to life in prison when they committed no crime…

Promising a new life with a perfectly matched alien mate, a bogus matchmaking agency diverts women to Soliv Four Incarceration and Detention Center Enterprises. Ria’tee is one of those women sentenced to life when she never committed a crime.

Coraz is a member of a black ops team betrayed on a mission to rescue a diplomat in the Szeqart Empire. It’s a trap, and they are arrested for spying and branded as traitors of the Drapan Coalition for killing the man they were sent to rescue. Only he was dead when they got there.

A Szeqart Empire Corporation runs the prison for profit, making the males of several species fight as gladiators and cage fighters as part of a reality show that never ends.

The corporation brings in females for the males to hunt in a jungle maze. Once Coraz wins his mate, he must continue fighting in the cages and the arena to keep her.

Coraz isn’t sure about the fated mate phenomenon; he only knows he desires Ria’tee when their eyes meet. As they fall in love, he wants a better life for them.

But no one has ever escaped from Soliv Four. If they could be the first, could they ever go home?

This is the conclusion of the story begun in Soliv Four.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual situations, violence and possible triggers and is intended for individuals over 18 years old.