Stalker, Cyborg Ranger Series Book 3


Stalker Knight, third entry of the Cyborg Ranger Series, first appeared in Darken, where he found his genetic mate while doing recon at an overlord’s compound. Stalker begins when he rescues Neely from the plane crash just before the plan explodes and burns. We’re in rewrites now before sending it to our Beta Readers.

Stalker has the monumental task of taming California a hundred years after Los Angeles the Mesaarkans bombed it to ruin. He soon discovers it’s way more than he can handle alone, so he requests one hundred additional protectors before he meets Neely. The former prostitute turned smuggler resists accepting Stalker as her mate even though she feels and incredible chemistry between them.

Since she no longer can support herself with her plane and cargo destroyed, Stalker offers her a job as his assistant. He can use the help, and it will put her in the position to get to know him better. She quickly finds the attraction between them impossible to resist. They just need to stay alive to enjoy a future together with the children the plan to have someday…