Ebook Giveaway

This started as a guest post for a Facebook party, only one person entered so I decided to extend the entry period through August 1st to give more people a chance to enter. Go to my Facebook post and comment with an image of a book you especially liked.

Releasing Rage is a gritty and disturbing book with triggers for some, judging by some of the negative reviews. The book is free to download on Amazon if you would like to check it out.

I had actually read the last book in the series first then I went back to Releasing Rage and read every book in the series. This book got me thinking about writing a Cyborg Series of my own. I’ve read many cyborg romances since before I started my series and even afterward. I picked up bits and pieces of what I call cyborg lore from other books plus the fated mates aspect of genetic mates.

In the Aledan Series, this future Earth has been devastated by an interstellar war. Chelle is living in a world ruled by overlords that have enforcers called gangers. An interstellar war with aliens, was the perfect venue for cyborgs, another common trope, and Vyken Dark was conceived.


Cynthia Sax’s Releasing Rage introduced me to cyborg romance and steered my focus to writing a cyborg romance series. While I used some of the same tropes my series is set in the universe of the Aledan Series which I published under my real name, Christine Myers.I am giving away your choice of Ebooks under either name. To enter, comment with a picture of a SF/ Fantasy book that left you feeling changed somehow. I will put everyone’s name on a wheel of names to choose 3 winners. Aug 1st is the last day to enter. Winners announced Aug. 2 This giveaway is not associated with Facebook.