ARC Street Team Recruiting for New Release

I am recruiting for an ARC street team to review my books within the week they are released. Here’s what’s in it for you: free books before release before anyone else gets to read them.

Consider how you decide what books to read. Like most people, you probably look at the reviews. When you review a book, you influence other readers on whether to buy a book. A study shows that 85% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. That trust gives you the reviewer clout over what other people will read.

Short, honest reviews maintain that clout as a reader influencer. I ask that people who join my ARC street team review my books on Amazon and Goodreads, with Bookbub optional. I will make this process super easy for you by emailing you a free form to guide you in writing your honest review when I email the link to download my book. With this form, you should be able to complete your review in just a few minutes.

Your reviews keep books coming from your favorite authors. When an author’s current book has no reviews or sales, the author might not be able to write another book, and that’s a loss for the readers who enjoy that author’s books.

The free form I will include with the book link I send you will make the process simple, easy, and painless. Your honest review will significantly contribute to the entire reader, author, and community.

If you want to join my ARC street team, click the application link below.

Interstellar Matchmaking of Narova guarantees 99.98% compatibility through their genetic matchmaking service. Abby Pool has been matched with Narovian feline humanoid Zimon Arnov. In Zimon’s culture, Abby is meomee or soul mate. When a feline meets their soul mate, they give off pheromones that drive them to mate almost immediately. Once they mate, they are bonded for life.

Abby and Zimon have their first meeting by video chat to decide if they want to meet. Zimon already knows he wants to meet Abby because she is meomee. After a two-hour video chat, Abby agrees, except she is kidnapped by humans and sold to alien slavers Zimon is there when she is rescued and they begin their relationship.

Abby learns about the bonding phases with a feline humanoid, their language and culture while Zimon works with an Earth taskforce to capture the humans and aliens responsible for kidnapping Abby and organized human trafficking on Earth.