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Cyborg Ranger Falcon Rader fought almost a hundred years in the interstellar war that left Earth ravaged. He did it all for the promise of a genetic mate, the only female with whom he could breed and have a family. Five years after the war ended, his mate was found, and she had consented to meet him after making him wait a whole week.

Raya Monroe joined the Genetic Mate Project because she had no prospects for a husband after five years of living alone. When she saw he looked so much younger than her, she was reluctant to meet him, fearing rejection. Falcon was so attractive she finally agreed.

She could hardly believe he wanted her for his mate, but he reassured her and asked for a kiss. Passion ignited between them, hotter than either one expected. Neither Raya nor Falcon could find a reason not to indulge in their desire.

They were committing to make a life together, after all. While Falcon and Raya get along well, he regrets being obligated to root out the city gangs in his territory. He’d rather be with Raya at the farm.

In rural Kansas, they thought they avoided the dangers of the ruined cities, but not quite, as it threatened the couple’s life together.

A Cyborg Rangers Novella for Ages 18+

Brekar’s Christmas is Live!


Three years after I returned to Earth with my four brothers to help rebuild what the Mesaarkans destroyed, everyone but me had found their genetic mates. We were promised mates when the Federation made us to fight their war, but they never created the database for us to find them. So, based on ancestral DNA, I started my own and set out to find her on a 600-mile trek across what used to be America. I found her, as she lay near death in the snow….


The snow came earlier than I expected, and I needed more wood for the fire. I barely had the strength to walk across the room, so the woodshed across the yard was like a miles-long journey. I made it to the shed but only got halfway back. The next thing I remember, I was in my bed, and a big, gorgeous cyborg was tending my fire….

At first, I thought I was hallucinating, but he was completely real and told me he was mine.

This tender steamy tale is based on the Cyborg Awakening Series

Read Free.ly Award Nomination

Darken Cyborg Ranger made the short list of 50 for nomination into the 25 Best Indie Books of 2022 in the Science Fiction. Above is the screenshot of their website.

Their service caters to Indie authors, helping to get their books out to the public for a nominal fee. It’s also a great service for readers because books are often free and low cost.

I would love if you would go to their site and vote for Darken. It would be great to win, but I am excited to even be on the short list. Darken was one of my favorite characters, but then they are all my favorite characters while I am writing them.

Celebrating Cyborgs Week

Starting Monday, November 28, 2022, one what some in scifi romance call Cyborg Monday, I am kicking of our week long celebration with an ebook 5-day sale where most of the books are 99c and free.

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In other news, I have just finished my Christmas cyborg tale and will be premiering three Chapters here on Monday.

Read the first three chapters of Brekar’s Christmas HERE. Preorder below for delivery on 12/20/22 or read in Kindle Unlimited starting that day.

MAX Cyborg Ranger

Pre-Order for September 20th or Kindle Unlimited on Release

Max Steele, a former cyborg marine ranger, returned to Earth with his team to restore law and order to the North American West. He is on his way to Northern California to take over securing order in the San Francisco megalopolis. Although he preferred his rural territory, he knew he wasn’t needed.

Max considered himself socially repressed and was not looking forward to dealing with people in the urban ruins. He even worried he would put off his genetic mate if he ever found her.

Falyn Wayne is running for her life from four men on her horse Argus. Max sees them from the air and decides to intervene, putting himself between the men and the fleeing woman. Sending them on their way, he finds Falyn standing over her downed horse with a pistol sobbing because it has broken its leg, and she needs to end his suffering. Max stops her, but as he approaches, Falyn shoots him…

Ebook Giveaway

This started as a guest post for a Facebook party, only one person entered so I decided to extend the entry period through August 1st to give more people a chance to enter. Go to my Facebook post and comment with an image of a book you especially liked.

Releasing Rage is a gritty and disturbing book with triggers for some, judging by some of the negative reviews. The book is free to download on Amazon if you would like to check it out.

I had actually read the last book in the series first then I went back to Releasing Rage and read every book in the series. This book got me thinking about writing a Cyborg Series of my own. I’ve read many cyborg romances since before I started my series and even afterward. I picked up bits and pieces of what I call cyborg lore from other books plus the fated mates aspect of genetic mates.

In the Aledan Series, this future Earth has been devastated by an interstellar war. Chelle is living in a world ruled by overlords that have enforcers called gangers. An interstellar war with aliens, was the perfect venue for cyborgs, another common trope, and Vyken Dark was conceived.


Cynthia Sax’s Releasing Rage introduced me to cyborg romance and steered my focus to writing a cyborg romance series. While I used some of the same tropes my series is set in the universe of the Aledan Series which I published under my real name, Christine Myers.I am giving away your choice of Ebooks under either name. To enter, comment with a picture of a SF/ Fantasy book that left you feeling changed somehow. I will put everyone’s name on a wheel of names to choose 3 winners. Aug 1st is the last day to enter. Winners announced Aug. 2 This giveaway is not associated with Facebook.