Interstellar Matchmaking

The Interstellar Matchmaking Series is  a “Mail Order Bride” Series based on the Narovian Mates Series and is set in that Universe.


Joven is a retired Narovian feline cyborg warrior big cat shifter. After he  retires from the Alliance Defense Force, Rader Knight recruits him to head the newly funded Glasica Star System Security.  Before his retirement, Joven signed up with the Narovian Interstellar Matchmaking Service. Six months after he settles on Glasica and into his new job, they finally find him a mate.

Carly Adrian is a high school teacher on a class trip to Washington, DC when the Drayid attack guts a mile square hole in the city obliterating one of the buses and Carly’ s best friend.  In addition to being devastated at losing her friend and student she knew and cared for, it hits her that life is short and she needs to decide what she wants and go for it. While she loves her career, she wants a husband to make a family with more.  Interstellar Matchmaking finds Joven.

Guaranteed to SIZZLE!

Coming in June.


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