Talia’s Cyborg Excerpt Preview


Prologue: Previously in Cyborg Awakenings 2

Jolt Somber guided the hover-flyer in a circle over the mountain homestead below. It was isolated on a plateau with the next nearest dwelling miles away. The others appeared to be abandoned, but this one looked well kept with animals in the pasture and dog in the yard. The cyborg circled back and picked a spot a dozen yards from an entrance to the house.

Slowing to a stop midair he switched to hover mode and set the flyer down in the grass near what was once along driveway from the what was once a paved road about one hundred yards away. The house was a large, traditional log cabin.

“I read only one person in the house,” Jolt said to his mate, Iris. “This will be our last stop today.”

“Should I get out with you or do you want me to wait until we see if they are friendly or not.”

“It should be okay. I believe the person in the house is female. She might feel more receptive if you come with me,” he said. He used his cyber connection to the flyer’s computer to shut down the engines and open the doors on both sides. They both climbed out and met at the front of it, where Jolt took Iris’s hand as they walked slowly toward the entrance.

A gunshot rang out just as Jolt noticed movement at the window beside the door. He immediately shoved Iris behind him. Another sounded after the pump action of action of a shotgun clicked. No projectiles hit Jolt. The shot harmlessly disturbed the dirt in the driveway to his left. Either the shooter had lousy aim, or they were meant to be a warning.

“You in the house,” Jolt called out. “We are not here to harm you. I’m from the Federation. The war is over, and I stopped to see if you need any assistance with food, medicine, or a medic.” He waited with Iris pressed tightly to his back.

A young woman with flame red hair stepped out the front door, her shotgun under her arm pointed groundward. Beside her was a big, longhaired multicolored dog. The blacks and browns were mixed together. He was as big as a wolf, but his muzzle was too blunt, and his ears were semi-erect. He stood quietly at the woman’s side. It was the same dog he’d seen from the air.

“You’re a cyborg,” she said. “My father told me about cyborgs. I never thought I would ever see one. He said they made you to fight the war.”

“Yes, that’s true. Why did you shoot at us?”

“If I were shooting at you, I would have hit you. I thought you were Nick Jester trying to worm his way back into my life again.”

“I don’t know who that is,” Jolt said.

“Just the jerk down the road that wants to screw me. Edson here doesn’t like him.” She nodded at the dog. “That’s good enough for me.”

As Jolt looked at her, he found it understandable that a man wanted her. He suspected one of his brethren would be thrilled to discover she was his female.

“I am Jolt Somber, and this is Iris Bloom,” he said. “We came on behalf of the Enclave near New Chicago to offer assistance if you need it.”

“I get by on my own, but I wouldn’t mind finding the right mate,” she said. “Jester comes around every so often to offer his services, but that lazy bastard just wants me to keep him for the winter. He knows I got food stored up in the root cellar and wood for the stove.”

Iris laughed.

“Next time he comes around I just might shoot the fucker,” she asserted. “Anyway, I’m pleased to meet you. Nice to meet someone who wants to help rather than trying to take what I got. I’m Talia Cannon. Does the Federation have any more like you?” She was looking at Jolt hopefully. He was one of the best-looking males she had ever seen.

“We have hundreds of cyborgs working to rebuild the Farringay Starport. One of them could be your male, but they would likely not know until they met you.” Jolt explained.

“Could you arrange such a meeting?” Talia asked.

“You could come with us to Farringay. But we cannot offer any private quarters at our base,” Jolt said. “We have women camping out in a separate wing waiting to be transported to the Enclave at New Chicago.”

“Can I bring Edson? He must approve any mate I would take.”

Jolt eyed the dog sitting calmly at her side. “I see no harm. We are on our way to Farringay, now. You will not need your weapon.”

“I believe you, but I’d rather not leave it behind to get stolen,” Talia said. “I can unload it before we get into your flyer. I just need to get a change of clothes.”

Jolt nodded his ascent.

“Edson put the goats and chickens in the barn.” The dog barked and ran to the barnyard, barking as he rounded up the animals and herded them to the barn opening.”

“My ancestors, are from Farringay, and my cabin was their vacation home before the war. They fled to the mountains when the aliens started bombing the city,” said Talia. “I am the last of my line unless I find a mate to make a child with.”

As she spoke, she unloaded the weapon and put the bullets in the shoulder bag she carried. “I just need to grab a change of clothes and lock up.”

While they were speaking, Jolt had confirmed the plan with Commander Dark in case one of the Farringay cyborgs was her male. He would release that male if he wished to return to Talia’s mountain home with her. Both he and Jolt believed the best way to help Talia was to help find her a mate.

There were only a few cyborgs that would be hard to replace. Building families was a key factor of rebuilding civilization on Earth. Finding Talia’s male would be a small step.

Talia returned just a few minutes later with a larger cross the body cloth bag. Jolt showed her where to put her things behind the rear passenger seats. She stowed them and went back to the barn to close the door.

Jolt and Iris waited by the flyer while Talia closed and latched the barn door, then walked to the flyer with Edson. He seemed to know without being told to get in the flyer after his mistress and sit in the rear passenger seat beside her. If she was nervous about flying, she didn’t show it. They arrived at the complex about twenty minutes later. Typically, it would have taken Talia four to five days to walk it.

The building wasn’t much to look at, but it was a stable structure with more than enough room for the 500 cyborgs it housed. Jolt had notified them that Talia was coming to meet with them to learn if any of them were her male. He and Iris stood with her at the doorway while cyborgs passed by to determine if Talia were their female.

Talia had never seen so many people in one place in her life, nor so many handsome men, living her isolated life on her mountain homestead. They all looked so young, not that she was so old. Even Jolt who was getting close to ninety only looked about twenty-five.

Many cyborgs passed with no sign of awareness, and Talia was starting to give up hope that any of them would be her mate. Then a few stragglers strode in, and Edson’s nostrils flared, and he gave a soft bark.

The one in the middle looked up and zeroed in on Talia immediately, and his usually stoic expression converted into an elated grin. He was a classic tall dark and handsome, broad-shouldered and solid muscle as all the cyborgs. His ordinarily intense green eyes were lit in delight. He looked at least as young as Jolt, maybe even a couple years younger.

The tall cyborg strode across the room to stand in front of Talia and offered his hands to her. She looked up into his eyes and knew he was the one by the attraction she felt for him. She put her hands in his.

“This is Talia Cannon,” Jolt told him. The other cyborg never took his eyes from hers.

“Talia Cannon, I am your male, Bodee Flint. I would be honored for you to be my female,” he said and inclined his head as a sign of respect as he gently gripped her hands.

She was tall, about 5’10” to his 6’8”, and they made a striking couple. But this was only a beginning.

“I’m pleased to meet you, Bodee,” Talia told him.
“Shall we go for a walk outside and talk. I’ve been expecting you.” With that, he took her hand, and they left the building for some privacy.

Talia was both nervous and excited at the same time. All of the cyborgs she’d seen that day were gorgeous, but she hadn’t felt the attraction for any of them that she felt for this young man.

“You look so young,” Talia said as they walked. “How old are you?”

“Eighty years, six months, three weeks, two days, twelve hours and fifty-seven minutes…” Bodee replied. “Is that relevant?”

“You just look so damn young, like I might be at least ten years older than you.”

“How old are you?” he asked.

“Well, I guess that’s fair. I’m thirty-one.”

“Your age and my age are not relevant. We are adults and you are my female,” he said. “Will you decline to be my mate because you think I look younger than you?”

“I didn’t say that. I was just thinking out loud.” She glanced up at him giving him a tentative smile. “I doubt I would get a better offer in these parts. All the men that are any good already got a woman. I prefer not to share.”

They walked a long the crumbled old access road that surrounded the old industrial building until they were alone. They stopped under the shade of an old tree with its leaves ablaze with shades of yellow, orange and red.

“Cyborgs don’t share either.” He smiled down at her like he couldn’t get enough of looking at her. “I always dreamed of finding my female. You are as beautiful as I could have imagined. I will be a good mate to you. I know how to pleasure a woman. I learned in my virtual life.”

“Virtual life? What’s that?”

“It’s a complex AI simulation that runs through our internal computer that simulates life experiences and training to stimulate our minds while we are in stasis.”

“Okay, but how do you know that I am the woman for you, that we will get along together. I’m not always that easy to be with. I can’t sense it the way you can, but I feel an attraction between us. You seem nice and are real easy on the eyes.” She smiled up at him.

“You are even more beautiful than I imagined, all those years I was in stasis living my virtual life. But I know that attraction is only the beginning of bonding with our genetic mate.” Bodee took her hand, his eyes full of wonder. “Will you accept me as your male?”

Talia looked up into his green eyes, taking in the features of his handsome face. Her gaze lingered on his full lips. She wanted to know it they would feel as good as they looked.

“Please kiss me.” She pointed to her lips with her free hand.

“Okay.” He lowered his mouth to hers in what started as a light touch of their lips. She opened for him and slid the tip of her tongue between his lips. That was all the invitation he needed to swirl his tongue around hers and stake his claim inside her mouth. Passion flared and Bodee pressed her against him so her breasts squeezed against his firm chest and his erection pressed against her belly.

When the kiss finally ended, they were both breathless with arousal. “Oh, yeah, Bodee you can be my male,” she assured him. “I just had to be sure we had some sparks. Jolt said that if one of you were my male that you could come back to the mountains to my homestead. Is that agreeable to you?”

“Then we will breed and make offspring?” Bodee asked hopefully, still holding her.

“After we get better acquainted,” she told him. “To make sure you don’t want to change your mind about being my male”

“That will never happen. I know you are my one female.”


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Darwick “Wick” McKell is looking for revenge for the murder of his brother Camron by Vargan Rode. He slips into the Lake Clans village of Diamond Bay but Vargan is nowhere to be found. Wick finds Vargan’s betrothed Lora Sandgren and decides to kill her instead. However his instant attraction to her quickly changes to lust for her instead of revenge.

What better revenge than to take Vargan’s woman and seduce her? Initially Wick kidnaps he kicking and screaming. He ties her up to keep her subdued and impulsively kisses her before putting her on his horse. Then, Wick knows the attraction is mutual and presses his advantage to make her his. But what happens when he takes her back to Blue Summit?

Sexually explicit scenes.




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Farseek Warrior Series Begins with Kragyn


Since there are so many more stories to tell about the Farseek Uatu Warriors, I’ve decided to make a spinoff series about these fierce and sexy warriors. Although it will include some of the events covered in the Farseek Mercenary series, it will introduce new characters whose experiences will parallel events in that series. Lieutenant Commander Kragyn Vermaktu.

Like Argen, Kragyn was also scooped up on Farseek after the Sargan attack and sold into slavery. His continued rebellion lands him on the Julconi prison planet on another of five continents on that world. He has been there long enough that he has lost hope of ever getting back to his Farseek Brigade on Dreadnaught Four. Like Argen, he fights in the pit, but the story diverges from there.

Like Faigon, a prisoner shuttle delivers Kragyn’s solmatu (the Uatu word for soul mate). Only Reanne Winter is not a Narovian feline abducted from Earth. She is a 21st-century human abducted before Earth was inducted into the Alliance.  Believing they will never be rescued, Kragyn and Reanne are determined to make the best life they can as prisoners on Julconi.

Another difference from the Mercenary Series is that the Warrior Series will be written in the third person rather than alternating first-person viewpoints. Some people like it very much while other people felt it lacked depth.  Perhaps, that is true, but I tried to write it as though it had come from each character’s personal journal. I found writing from each of their viewpoints a bit confining.

So, I am going back to the writing style that feels most comfortable to me. I sincerely hope that the end result will be something my readers will enjoy. One thing I can promise; it will be steamy.

I am hoping for a December release. I should know better late next month if that will be possible. Meanwhile, if you haven’t read the Farseek Mercenary series or the Rader’s Bride, Narovian Interstellar Matchmaking Book 2, now is a good time to start. The Mercenary Series and Rader’s Bride have been reproofed and edited for a smoother read since the earlier reviews that cited poor editing.

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Rader’s Bride



Available on Kindle Unlimited


      Skye Carter’s life changed abruptly when the Drayids attacked Earth and cut a one-mile section out of a dozen cities all over the world. The hole they cut in Washington, D.C. took out the bookstore/internet café business that she had worked five years to build. It was all gone, leaving her a mountain of debt. She decided to sell her house and look for a job to pay for her losses. Then she found an ad for the Narovian Interstellar Matchmaking Service. It promised a ninety-nine percent guaranteed her match would be her soulmate. 

      Rader Knight was a cyborg warrior in the Alliance Defense Force, retired after thirty years’ service to a backwater colony with a shortage of females. He applies to the service hoping they will find him a soul mate. After two years, they found Sky Carter, and she was willing to make a leap of faith and accept his proposal and take a three-month space journey to be his mate.
Did Skye Carter really know what she was getting herself into?



     Rader was on patrol when he received Skye’s acceptance of his mating proposal from the matchmaking service. The usually calm and stoic cyborg commed Makus excitedly after he had reviewed the acceptance several times to be sure his new emotions were not causing him to misinterpret the message.

     He now had a mate, and she was coming to Glasica to be with him!

     Impatiently, he signaled Makus’s com a second time, and the other man answered.

     “Yeah, Rader. What’s up?”

     “Skye Carter from the dirt planet has signed the mating contract, and she’s coming on the next ship. It will take three months.” Rader said grinning.

    “Man, that’s great Rader, I am happy for you. Jhenre will be almost as excited as you are. She wants you to be as happy as we are. I don’t know much about Earth—just that the people are human like we are. But I’ve heard only good things about the matchmaking service. It could be rough getting to know each other at first, but you’re smart. You’ll figure it out.”

     “I have studied everything I could find about Earth culture of the people indigenous to the area around our base there. They seem a lot like us but low tech. But Glasica is very much Earthlike. It will all depend on how we do together. I worry that she might not like me in person.”

     “Don’t do that, boss. Jhenre said any woman with half a brain will see you have a lot to offer in a relationship, not to mention that all you cyborgs are good to look at.”

     “Jhenre thinks I am attractive?”

     “She does, but she’s mine,” Makus chuckled.

    “Of course, I know that. If Jhenre thinks I am attractive, then Skye may think so too.”

     “Right,” Makus said. “Don’t forget that you will be able to com with her interactively once she leaves Earth. That will give you time to get to know each other while she is traveling here.

     “I have not forgotten. Is it normal to have this much apprehension about the esteem of a female?”

     “I believe it is.”

     “Life was so much simpler when all I had to do was kill the enemies. I really want this female.  I feel like she is intended to be mine.”

     “Apparently Narovian Matchmaking came to the same conclusion. Don’t worry Rader. After she comes all this way, she can’t just turn around and go back. She could have the same feelings about this as you.”



     “Are you crazy?” Janie squealed when Skye confessed her plans. “You’re going to another planet to be some man’s wife you never met?”

     “But the service said he is my soul mate. They match people by DNA.”

     “Why are you doing this? Is it because of the attack last month?” Janie asked.

     Skye sighed. This was exactly the reaction she expected and the reason why she’d waited so long to tell her. “That’s part of it. Janie, I lost everything in that attack. When I was looking online to see what had happened, I found the matchmaking site. Then I thought why not?”

     “Why not use one of those dating sites here? Skye, you’re beautiful. You should be able to find a husband right here on Earth.”

     “I haven’t had a date in two years. I can’t even remember how long since I got laid,” Skye told her. “I’m twenty-eight years old. I don’t have that many more years to have kids. If I started dating a man right now who I could marry, it might be two more years before that happened.”

     “They couldn’t find a man here on Earth out of seven billion people?”

     Skye shrugged. “There might not be that many in their database from Earth yet. I don’t know.”


     Skye took out her smartphone and scrolled through her pictures until she found the ones of Rader. “Here, this is him.” She handed Janie the phone.


     Janie took it and groaned as she looked at Rader’s handsome face and broad shoulders. “Well, they sure picked you a pretty one. Ooh, wee. But still, three months in space to another planet. I wouldn’t do it—not even for this handsome hunk.”

     “Well, I am. I’ve already signed the mating agreement. It’s all arranged,” Skye said. “Anyway, I didn’t call you here to have you talk me out of this. I wanted to see if there’s any of my stuff here you want before charity comes to pick it up. I’ve got kitchen stuff, clothes, any of the furniture. The appliances are staying.”

     “When are you leaving?”

     “Day after tomorrow,” Skye said with calm determination.

     “What about the closing on your house?”

     “The lawyer will handle it, and the money will be deposited in my account. It will be converted into Alliance funds as will all my savings.”

     “Will that be enough to get you home if you find you have made a colossal mistake?”

     “Possibly,” Skye said, “Or it might be enough for me to start a new business on Glasica.”

     “That’s the planet name?”


     “Will I ever see you again?”

     “Possibly not, but we can keep in touch on the internet.”

    “I’m going to miss you.” Janie suddenly hugged her.

     “You are one of the few people I will miss,” Skye said blinking against the sudden prick of tears. Janie had always been more than an employee. She had been with Skye since the beginning five years ago when it was just the two of them running the “Books and Data Stop.”

    After their hug, Janie started looking through the clothing on the living room sofa that Skye was getting ready to pack in boxes for the charity pick-up. Janie picked a few things, and Skye packed the ones she rejected into boxes.


Argen’s Mate Farseek Mercenary Finale



Argen Trematu was home on leave from Farseek Brigade when the Sargan’s attacked his home world. After they destroyed the Farseek colony, Argen was scooped up with the rest of the survivors and sold into slavery. Uatu warrior, Lieutenant Commander Trematu didn’t make such a good slave. He rebelled at every turn which landed him on the Julconi prison planet fighting in the pit.

He thinks his life is over until an old friend comes to tell him the Farseek Mercenaries were coming to the rescue. Argen never thought landing on the prison world would be his lucky break.

…. And he never expected to meet her on the rescue ship.


Zoey Addison was kidnapped from Earth to be sold into slavery. She rescued with four other Earth women by the Farseek Mercenaries. Zoey joined the Mercenaries with her three friends because they had nowhere else to go. Her friends all found their soul mates among the crew and Zoey was feeling left out.

….Until she was checking in the rescues from Julconi. Dressed in rags and so dirty she could barely discern what color he was Argen walks up to her table and takes her hand. The attraction between them all most crackles.

The two share the dreams of the rest of the Farseek Mercenaries to return to Farseek with their people and build a life together never sure it will really ever happen…


Argen Trametu

The stench of unwashed bodies and smoke hung heavy in the air. The crowd was a noisy bunch, and a lot of them were drunk. If one didn’t know better, they might think they were in a rowdy bar in a seedy port city. But it was a prison planet, and we were all prisoners.

I was in the fight pit. It was my second fight of the night and his first. My last match didn’t last nearly long enough. I needed to punch someone or something for a lot longer than I got to punch him. I thought Alarian warriors were a tougher lot than that. Our match barely went three rounds, and most of his punches didn’t land. He smelled of rotgut whiskey, so maybe he was drunk. But I pounded him without mercy.

Even that was not nearly enough to assuage the rage I still felt at landing here on the prison planet of Julconi. I am a Uatu warrior from Farseek, and I had done nothing to warrant going to a prison planet for the rest of my life.

I was on leave visiting Farseek, my homeworld when the Sargans attacked and left our world in ruin. I remember walking with mother at the open-air produce market in the town square.

My next memory was waking up strapped to a bunk on a slave ship. I was no slave! I am an Uatu warrior of the Farseek Brigade! I escaped every chance I got.

They punished me, tortured me every time, and every time I did it again. I didn’t know the slavers put a tracker chip under my skin. I could never get to a starport to steal a ship and get off world.  They used flying drones to track me. The drones had shockers that shot me and dropped me wherever I stood.

That was painful enough. Then the punishers shackle me naked by my wrists and ankles to what can only be called a torture frame. I’ve been whipped, beaten, and repeatedly shocked until I wished they would just kill me.

I hated being helpless to defend myself. The Sargans knew I would kill them had they left me unrestrained. They always tortured me unconscious before they took off the restraints and threw me in a cell until they could sell me off.

Finally, they must have grown tired of torturing me, so they sent me here. At least now I could fight back, sometimes three fights a night. So, far I haven’t lost, though sometimes I take a good beating before it’s over. Sometimes the pain is better than feeling nothing at all.

The next fighter was new and looked more evenly matched. The first round we danced around each other throwing and blocking punches. He was pretty good, but I was better. He clearly had training in hand to hand combat, but few styles compare to that of an Uatu warrior. I toyed with him for a while letting him think he was actually blocking me. The next round I made my move landed more blows than he could block. I pounded him and roared like a crazed animal when he fell, and the rules said I had to stop.

The rage just welled up inside me. He was no innocent. Duck, block, punch, pivot kick. He lasted five rounds, and I knocked him out. Then I got a thirty-minute break. The next guy was bigger and meaner and had horns.

This one was hard to beat, and I took a lot of hits, but so did he. We each got in two knockdowns but I got the last one in the twelfth round, and he didn’t get up for another.

No, I didn’t kill him. I really had no grudge against him. He was just someone to hit… to pound out my rage at what the Sargans had done to my family and my world. It was not enough. It would never be enough!

The next day everything changed. I dragged out of my hovel to find some food and fill my plastic jug with water at the community well.

Then I heard someone call my name and I turned to see who it was,

“Trametu, is that really you?”

“Pegitu, what the hell are you doing here?” I murmured, hardly believing my eyes.

He nodded his head, silently asking me to go with him, so I did. He was probably the only man on Julconi who I would trust.

* * * *

It was midday before I saw Argen again. He was downright handsome all cleaned up and rested. I couldn’t help smiling up at him when he came and stood in front of my table. I felt giddy as pleasure and attraction bubbled up inside me at his presence.

“Hi sweetheart,” he said. “I had to see you. Do you think we could have third meal together in the mess hall today? I would so like to get to know you better.”

“I would like that. You look much better. Did you rest well?”

He shrugged.

“Sometimes it’s hard to rest in a new place. I’ve only been here a couple days myself. The accommodations are actually nicer than mine on Dread One, but the bed’s not the same. And the smell is different.”

“It’s a new ship,” Argen said.

“It is. We stole it from Tegliar Station,” I told him.

“I wish I could have been there for that,” he grinned. “I hope they don’t catch up to us.”

“You and me, too.” I smiled.

It was hard not to smile while I was talking with him. I knew he was handsome under all that dirt but cleaned up he looked so good I could hardly stop staring. All the Uatu men were stunningly attractive even with their odd colored skin and hair.

His skin was a pale lavender, and his hair was a darker lavender color. It had been pretty long when he came on board, but now it was clipped close to his head in what seemed to be the universal military cut.

I hoped the way I was looking at him made him feel as good as I felt at how he was looking at me.

“We’re finished here. Would you like to go to the mess and get a cup of tea?” I offered. There was no such thing as coffee out here, but the tea had about the same kick as coffee, and it tasted good.

“I need to stop at my cabin on the way, but I would love to have tea with you,” he grinned.

Farseek warriors were seldom demonstrative in public. Argen walked beside me down the corridor to the lift to level three where his cabin was. When we got there, he invited me in, and I fell right for it.

As soon as the door closed behind me, he pivoted and held my head between his large hands pressed those sexy lips to mine. I just melted against him and put my arms around him like I wanted to do the first time I saw him.

Solmatu! As soon as our lips touched and my arms went around him, I knew it was true. I felt such elation just to be in his arms for the first time. His tongue slipped between my lips, and I opened for him, giving him free reign to stake his claim. Mine! Mine!

Copyright © 2018

Clarissa Lake

Sahvin’s Mate – Farseek Mercenary Series Book 3 by Clarissa Lake




Savin Kazza, a Narovian feline humanoid was an alien undercover on Earth when he was kidnapped by alien slavers thinking he was human. He was sold into slavery and sent to the mines on Breskaa where he thought his life would end.

Enter the Farseek Mercenaries, who are traveling through the Sargus Empire, searching for their stolen people who were kidnapped from Farseek and sold into slavery throughout the Empire. The mercenaries hate slavers and slavery, so while they are freeing their enslaved people, they free all the slaves on Breskaa. Sahvin readily agrees to go with them.

Nora Reed has also been kidnapped from Earth by Alien Slavers and now she is working for the mercenaries recording the refugees as they come aboard Dreadnaught One. Known for the irresistible pheromones felines give off when they find their soulmates, Nora is stunned when Sahvin’s innocent touch sets off an uncontrollable urge to mate with him.

From there things heat up.

Contains explicit sex scenes.


An explosion shook the whole building, and I awoke to chaos. The barracks guards came running from their rooms at the four corners of the mens barracks, pulling on clothes and with weapons drawn. Someone turned on the overhead lights as we started rousing from our bunks. We didn’t have to dress. Slaves only got one set of clothes and one pair of shoes.

Not knowing what might happen, next, I pulled on my boots. Suddenly, both the front and back doors of the barracks crashed open and four armored beings stormed in and took out the guards. I thought we were next, but one of the beings receded his helmet and spoke in a calm even voice. Except I didn’t understand a word he said. By then my friend Bill was up. I waited until he stopped talking, then asked “Bill, who is that and what did he say?”

“They are Farseek Mercenaries, looking for people from their world. There are quite a few of them here, but they also said they will take all of us slaves with them.”

“As slaves?” I wondered.

“No, as free people. They can’t promise they will get us back to our homeworlds, but we will be free to make new lives for ourselves.”

“Thank the Gods,” I said gripping his arms as he grasped mine. “We’re going to be all right.”

“I sure hope they have some decent food,” Bill said. “Look at me, I’m wasting away to nothing.”

I just grinned at him. He was a big guy and more than a little overweight when we arrived on this gods forsaken planet called Breskaa. His excess body fat probably helped sustain him through our ordeal. He was now at an ideal weight for his body type.

I had lost weight, but my species has a slower metabolism and our bodies are better as regulating our weight than homo sapiens.

“He said pack up our stuff as quickly as possible then he will lead us to the shuttles that will take us up to their ship.”

“That won’t take long. We are wearing practically all we own,” I said. “All I have to do is put on my jacket.”

We had to wait about an hour while the Farseekans secured the area around the barracks, then we were loaded into a troop shuttle to go up to their starship orbiting the planet. I didn’t know where they were taking us, but anywhere was better than here. But I am getting ahead of the sequence of events that brought us here.

I am Sahvin Kazza, a feline humanoid from Narova. I was stationed on Earth as an operative for the United Alliance of Planets Law Enforcement. I was off our base there on reconnaissance at a tavern where we suspected Tenzari agents were kidnapping Earthers to sell into slavery. I was disguised as a homo sapien, wearing contact lenses to cover my feline eyes and my blue hair had been dyed a dark brown.

Walking back to the lot where my assigned vehicle was parked a dark SUV with tinted windows pulled up beside me and asked where the visitor lot was for a business I did not know. When I stepped a little closer to tell them to ask at a nearby restaurant, they shot me with a stunner and the next thing I remembered was waking up on a starship strapped to a bunk. Wearing only a thin pair of shorts and a shirt.

I knew immediately I was on a slave ship; I had been stolen from Earth to become a slave. But by whom? This wasn’t a Tenzari vessel. The language printed on the signs that I could see, was a language I didn’t recognize. I am a trained agent with seven years’ experience, but I was off duty. The car driver looked like an ordinary human. I had no reason to suspect any harm from him. I only turned my attention away for a second to point out the local café when I was zapped. I was armed with my own similar weapon at the time.

Now I had nothing but the clothes on my body and a horrible headache. There were many bunks like mine in the room with other males strapped to them. Some were homo sapiens and others were of humanoid species I did not recognize.


Nora Reed

I am Nora Reed from Earth. I was abducted from there by alien slavers which is still hard to believe even as I write it. A nurse by profession, I lived on the edge of our small southern Ohio town where the rural delivery mail route begins. I stopped my car at the end of the drive and got out to pull any mail out of my box and a dark SUV pulled up beside me. The middle aged man rolled down his window and zapped me with some kind of stun gun.

The next thing I knew I was waking up in a large room filled with bunk beds three high strapped to one. My own clothes were gone and I was wearing a dress made diaphanous material under which I was naked. I felt like I had a bad hangover, and there was a spot behind my ear that was sore. Shortly after I woke, a being that looked like a catfish with arms and legs came in and told us we no longer on Earth and were slaves of the Sargus Empire.

Now I’m not usually a crier, but I just burst into tears like many of the other women. How could this happen? I always thought those alien abduction stories were a load of crap. But there I was.

After fish guy left the room, the straps holding me fastened to the bunk were released automatically. I saw up and looked around me. All of us looked relatively humanoid, but we were clearly not the same species. I saw three other humans nearby who looked like they were from Earth. The rest even those that looked human had peculiar colored skin and wildly bright colored hair. Teal seemed to be a recurring color, neon yellow, purple, orange and blue. Skin colors varied and some of the females had ridged foreheads and some were light purple and bald.

There was one pretty little alien that was telling us all, “Don’t worry. My father is governor of Halor and he will send someone to rescue us. This lot has taken the wrong female.”

I hoped that was true. But even if it were, would they take us back to Earth?

I climbed down from my bunk and padded over to two of the women who looked like they were from Earth. They looked as disoriented and disheveled as I felt. I introduced myself and they told me their names, too. There was Scarlet Andrews, a tall blond with short cropped hair, Harper Avery, almost as tall with longer blondish hair, then Zoe Addison about my height with medium length black hair.

We decided we were either on some scifi movie set or these were for real aliens. They looked pretty real to me. Even with the evidence right in front of us, we found it hard to believe it was really happening. We each had a story remarkably similar. We’d all been grabbed off the street going about or daily routine. They took me with my car still running in the driveway. I wondered how long before it quit or someone noticed I was gone.

I don’t know how long before we got to the planet where we would be sold. It was at least a few weeks and that was an ordeal in itself. We were stuck in one large room with bunk the only furniture. Twice a day a autocart brought food in the form of hard biscuits. Scarlet said they tasted like the dog biscuits you buy in the bulk food department. They were dry and bland but we ate them because that’s all they gave us with bottles of water to wash them down.

It was probably just as well. We only had four toilets between at least one hundred of us. There was little for us to do to pass the time but tell stories. By the time we shuttled down to that world where we were going to be auctioned off, the four of us from Earth had shared our life stories. Sometimes we speculated about what was going to happen to us.

It didn’t make sense they would kidnap us to be working slaves when they had the technology to go between star systems. Of the four of us, my profession was probably the most technical, but surely their practice of medicine was far in advance of ours. Kyanna Evzen of Halor told us that the Sargans used slaves for all types of manual labor as well as entertainment and breeding more slaves.

It sure didn’t sound good. The journey seemed endless, but we had developed a daily routine and a social structure. I was amazed to find that most of the females of the other humanoid species were reared in families not unlike ours.

Sure, they had different social customs and some had different marital practices. Some were matrilineal and some were patrilineal. Sexual practices varied where courting was initiated by the female instead of the male. One species practiced group marriage with multiple males and females.

We knew the game was over when we landed. They made us all get naked and put us through a mass washing system sorta like a car wash then gave us back the filmy sack dresses to wear then took us to this building and lined us up.

Shortly after that, all hell broke loose. We could hear weapons fire and there was a small explosion. A few minutes later this big robot came strolling into the corridor where we were waiting for the auction to start. He stopped in front of Harper and then his helmet folded into itself and revealed a big gorgeous man under there.

He seemed kind of stunned as he looked at Harper, then seemed to mentally shake himself before he called for Kyanna Evzen. She was telling the truth. Her father had sent Commander Zared Maktu and his mercenaries to rescue her and her friend, but he said that we could come too if we wanted to be free. Damn right we did!

It was cold walking outside with no shoes and no coat or even real clothes. But no one was complaining as the hot commander led us to a shuttle. There was only seating for about twenty-five and there were a hundred of us. Most of us ended up sitting on the floor in the cargo hold, but we were damn glad to get away from the slavers.

Accommodations on their warship, I heard later it was called a dreadnaught, were not as good as the slaver’s bunk room, but we didn’t care. We were so relieved not to be sold into slavery. Soon after we arrived, a young mercenary came for Harper. Zoe, Scarlet, and I gave each other knowing looks and giggled because we knew the moment that hot commander set eyes on her that he wanted her. She looked as stunned as he was.

When she came back just after it fell like the ship took some kind of hit, she was blushing and she looked like she had been thoroughly kissed.

“He said I am his soul mate, and he wants to court me,” she told us. “Just like that.”

“What did you say to that?” Scarlet asked.

“He didn’t give me time to say much of anything before he was kissing me,” she said, blushing.

“And of course, you beat him off,” Scarlet teased. “Does he kiss as good as he looks?”

“Way better,” Harper laughed self consciously. “The thing was, he was dead serious. He wants me to be his mate.” She shook her head.


Lietenant’s Mate: Farseek Mercenaries Series Book 2


   Lieutenant’s Mate is the second entry in the steamy Farseek Mercenaries series which follow the romances of four Earth women abducted from Earth by alien slavers. The women just happened to be in a group with the daughter of a Consortium planet Governor who hires the mercenaries to retrieve her. The mercenaries rescue not only her, but all the females of various species in the group.

Lieutenant Commander Pyrron Advantu, right hand man and friend to Commander General Maktu of the Farseek Brigade is a man used to getting what he wants as are the men and women of the Farseek Brigade. Until their world was left in ruin they were the Transtellar Consortium’s most elite and formidable warriors. Each of their ten dreadnaught starships carried a dual force of star warriors and ground fighters.
Outraged that the Consortium knew of the attack on Farseek and kept that knowledge from the Brigade fighting for them on a distant front, the Farseek warriors withdrew from the Consortium to become the Farseek Mercenaries. The high paying rescue of a world governor’s daughter and her companion was their first mission. A mission they took to finance the search for their stolen people. Only they didn’t just rescue the two people. They rescued 100 women stolen from their worlds including four from Earth.
The last thing Commander Maktu expected was to find his solmatu or soulmate among them—nor did Pyrr Avantu. Although the timing was all wrong, nothing had ever felt so right. What kind of life could they make together in the face of the mission they had sworn to complete? Would he live to return to Farseek to make a home with the woman who claimed his heart and soul? Or were these blissful times in her arms all they would ever have?

#scifiromance #celestialmates

This book contains Sexually Explicit Scenes

Clarissa Lake


Commander’s Mate Farseek Mercenary Series Book 1

Here is my latest work. Commander’s Mate is a science fiction alien romance set in the present:

While they were fighting the Consortium’s war against the Sargus Empire far from their home world, the Sargus Empire attacked Farseek, leaving mass destruction in its wake. Only about a dozen survivors remained to tell what happened—a dozen of over a million. Those who weren’t killed were taken to become slaves of the Empire. As the story opens, Commander General Zared Maktu has found the piles of wreckage that is all that’s left of his family’s neighborhood.

Nothing the Consortium has to offer can compensate what was lost. Time for the company of Farseek Dreadnought One to make a new plan. They must find those who were taken alive and bring them home. After terminating their contract with the Consortium, they take a job to rescue a governor’s daughter stolen to be sold into slavery.

Commander Maktu doesn’t just rescue the Governor’s daughter and her companion. He and his company take all the 100 abductees from the auction house. Only two are from Farseek, but there are four unusual females from a planet called Earth—and one of them is his fated mate Harper Avery. Things heat up from there.


A Narovian Series Supplement



Renan Garr, a wealthy Narovian trader paid the match making service to find his genetic mate on Earth. Alien pirates illegally obtained a list of some of these Earther matches and kidnapped them, holding them for ransom to there Narovian mates. After Alliance Law Enforcement rescued them, the Earther matches had the choice whether to meet their genetic mates. Kelly Richards met Renan on a com connection but wasn’t sure she wanted to be mated to a man who wanted her to live on Narova. When she didn’t respond after a few weeks, Renan takes matters into his own hands.

My Previous Alien Romances


..The United Alliance of Worlds has been protecting and visiting Earth for centuries. Star ship Raptor One carries a crew of humans and feline humanoids. The Narovian felines can and have interbred with humans during all that time. Many felines have found their true mates among the Earthers. Immediately on recognition, the felines give off pheromones that cause their true mates to desire them sexually so intensely that they must mate almost immediately.

Once Narovians started finding their meomee or true mates there a savvy businessman found away to profit from it. The Narovian Genetic Matchmaking Agency has set up shop on Earth, under the guise of genetic testing for ancestral origins and genetic markers for disease. This brings a new set of challenges to the crew of Raptor One under feline Captain Dargan Merrek as they protect Earth from alien hostiles amid sexy encounters with true mates.

One reviewer pointed out that Alien Alliances is a series of short stories, not a novel, but it’s actually both. All the stories are inter related with the common thread being Captain Merrek and his meomee Meg Casey.


..Kidnapped by aliens who sell her into sex slavery to a hideously ugly alien of another species, Jenna Harper is sure her life is over. Enter freighter Captain Farzeke Be’Kal maneuvered by Alliance to rescue Jenna and five other women stolen from Earth. After the Alliance agent he transports to Se’Nar buys all the women from the auction, Captain Be’Kal and Jenna Harper are chagrined to learn they are biological fated mates for life.

Neither one feels ready to make that life time commitment, but it’s already too late.

Once Jenna is exposed to his pheomones she must have sex with the feline humanoid or risk death in a matter of days. Is she now doomed to sexual slavery of another kind?

He comes to Alexa in her dreams, a lover whose face she never sees, in a place she has never been. Chaytok a feline alien is forced to land his star ship in the secluded forest near Alexa’s home. He comes to her rescue after her horse shies and throws her. Thus their bond is forged but their new love is threatened by a man from her past… and her reluctance to leave Earth forever to be with him.

The odds seem astronomical that Chaytok would be forced to land where he would find his true mate. When Chaytok goes the repair the failing part in his star drive that forced him to land there, he begins to suspect sabotage and who is behind it.

Clarissa Lake, Science Fiction Alien Romance Author